21 LIS 2023


 Description of the calendar and the photos it contains

[Przejdź do wersji w języku polskim]   I am giving you my next aviation calendar. When choosing photos for it, I took into account both your...

16 MAR 2022


 Baltic Air Policing 2022

WERSJA POLSKA From December 1, 2021 at the Air Base in Siauliai (Lithuania), the Polish Military Contingent Orlik performs its four-month combat duty...

26 PAŹ 2021


 A story about a Calendar and its photos

AVIATION CALENDAR 2022 [Kliknij, by przejść na polską wersję] My 2022 Aviation Calendar is unique not only because of the vertical layout that I...

10 STY 2018

Legendary 2017

 Summary of my 2017 year

WERSJA POLSKA Writing summaries of seasons, every time I mention how much happened in a given year and that it will be hard to repeat. However, each...

15 LUT 2017


 What is my view of air-to-air photography?

Kliknij tutaj by przełączyć na wersję w języku polskim An air-to-air picture is published on the Internet – a picture of an aircraft in flight,...

03 WRZ 2016

Skovde 2016

 Nordic Warbird Airshow

OK. I'm back and I can summarize the great Swedish adventure with Nordic Warbird Airshow 2016 in Skovde, we have lived together with Ewa, of course thanks...

22 CZE 2016


 First part of the report from one extraordinary air2air photoshoot with Polish Air Force aircraft

Przełącz na wersję POLSKĄ Watch the second part HERE We have the Feast of the Polish Armed Forces today! sooo... Best wishes go to anybody who...

22 CZE 2016


 The second part of an exceptional air-2-air session with Polish F-16s

Click here to view report from the First Part Klinknij tutaj, by przełączyć się na wersję POLSKĄ   Hello and welcome to the second part of...

29 SIE 2015

MAKS 2015

 Few words about 20 magic minutes

> Polska wersja językowa Following the crisis concerning the Annexation of Crimea, many of my friends decided not to take a risk, and they resigned...

04 SIE 2015


 Photo guide regarding the Radom Air Show

­­­Photo AIR-SHOW Radom Photo guide regarding the Radom Air Show...Some tips for you ­August 2015 ­[Polska wersja] The text was translated by...

01 MAR 2015

Hesja's highs 3

 Tough choices!

­I attend many interesting aviation events, I always take thousands of photos there. I attend so many, many events, that thousands of shots become...

28 LIS 2014

5 years of SPFL

 5 years of Association of Polish Aviation Photographers AIR-ACTION

­­(Polish acronym: SPFL) ­From My Point of View of course [PRZEŁĄCZ NA WERSJĘ POLSKĄ] It was five years ago, November 29th 2009, in Warsaw,...

01 STY 2014

2013 Highlights!

 My 2013 photo-aviation year - subjectively

2013 Air-Art Highlights subjectively! Polska wersja - kliknij TUTAJ ­ Quickly translated by Jacek Siminski (jsiminski@gmail.com). Might contain...

18 WRZ 2013

Crazy year 2012!


Crazy year - 2012! Kliknij jak wolisz polską wersję Translation Jacek Siminski email: jsiminski@gmail.com When I was writing the summary of the...

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