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01 MAR 2015

Hesja's highs 3

Tough choices!

­I attend many interesting aviation events, I always take thousands of photos there. I attend so many, many events, that thousands of shots become millions and, which is even worse, I really like all...almost all of the pictures! And then a moment comes when I need to select 200 photos for the album and, which is even more troubling, 50 of these for the exhibition! In the beginning I am left with 5 000, then 1 000, then 450, and I really do not know,  which of these photos should be rejected. Finally, after getting a lot of help from my friends I am left here alone with 250 photos, and I need to reject 50. I need to kill 50 of my beloved children...uh...that is not easy. 200 photos are left, I get the album proofread, edited and translated – and I’m done? No, no way! This is the worst period – I need to select 50 photos out of those 200, for my exhibition, which needs to meet many criteria! Firstly – it has to be MY exhibition – I need to like all the photos. It also must be unique, showing the shots which cannot be captured by the others. It needs to be interesting both for the aviation freaks, as well as for the people who encounter aviation for the first time looking at my photos. The exhibition needs to be varied – in themes and in colors. It needs to be of high quality, and it needs to get the audience high – it’s Hesja’s Highs after all! I’m left with one hundred shots. Now the things get serious. I employ friends that I trust, especially within the scope of photography. Each one of those friends selects his own Top 50. Then I go into statistics, which are filtered by my vision. Now 60 pictures are left. It’s a struggle, I am considering each and every of those pictures, create the whole layout of the exhibition – this is a point at which some of the photos for which I would kill a few seconds earlier, are rejected. I even select some photographs that did not make the cut. I switch the layout, reject 5 more...3 more...one more picture. I go through the rejected pictures, select another two. And again – I am left with 53 photos – and I need 50 of them! I analyze the colors, reject the photos from the top five, compare them, check them: Colors? Check... Stories? Check... Variety? Check... Uniqueness? Check...Quality? Well, they’ll do it...so? I got it!

Here I would like to thank you all, who contributed to my selection process. Soon, my third „Hesja’s Highs 3” album and exhibition will be born, and they will be the best out of all the previous editions. The album will be better than its predecessors, it is going to include more photos and more content – including the most requested content – the photo tips! What is more, the album, in its printed version, will also be published in English. Cyfrowe.pl is the patron of the album! The exhibition will become an addition to the remaining two, creating the „Hesja’s Highs” exhibition consisting of 150 photos! The exhibition patrons remain unchanged: Nikon Polska and Nikon Academy! And, if all of the plans for 2015 will be successfully realized, maybe it is going to be possible to see all of these photos in one, magical place! Well, things gonna happen! I can’t wait. Meanwhile – I would like to thank you all involved in providing help for some lost photographer. You get the reward – you guys are the first ones to see the cover design, and the title poster of the exhibition. Let’s get high together! Sooon... :)


I would like to thank people who have been involved in the process of creating the new Album:
Selection of photos: Joanna Węgrzyn and all my fellow facebook fanpage followers!
Proofreading: Izabela Nowak
Translation, Polish - English: Jacek Siminski
Proofreading, English - English: Ian Piper (UK)
Graphic support: Piotr Drejer
Editing: Marcin "STIG" Saldat

People involved in the process of creating the exhibition - I would love to thank you too!
Selection of photos:
Joanna Węgrzyn
Joanna Joa Grzelak
Aleksandra Alex Kuczyńska
Tadeusz Wilk
Mariusz MarS Suwalski
Krzysztof kichu Baranowski
Marek Amon Staciwa
Konrad kifcio Kifert
Tomasz Qna Chochół
Waldemar valdi Piela
Piotr Łysakowski
All of my facebook fanpage followers



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