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03 WRZ 2016

Skovde 2016

Nordic Warbird Airshow

OK. I'm back and I can summarize the great Swedish adventure with Nordic Warbird Airshow 2016 in Skovde, we have lived together with Ewa, of course thanks to Janne Andersson!
What I remember?
In chronological order:
Driving on Swedish roads in Super Volvo. Check in at 3 am to our lovely apartment in the hotel Knistad Herrgard and a party in a big tub with jacuzzi until dawn. Sessions with Ewa with Mustang, Invader and Spitfire. My first date with THOR and exceptional low passes performed by Jakob. Airshow day on the other side of the airport with Jorgen and Peter. Exquisite after party with the glider evening airshow. Walking on the golf courses of our beautiful hotel. Drive back to Stockholm and visit "Skydiving" Lisa. All this in a great atmosphere with my Swedish friends! Jan Andersson, Hans Holm, Lisa Henriksson, Hanna Brouillette, Jacob Holländer, Jesper Rådegård, Jörgen Nilsson, Tim Jansson, Peter Eliasson, Daniel Karlsson, Björn Hellenius, Peter Liander, Johan Tilosius and others - Big Thanks! :)

Janne Andersson

Janne i Ewa

Ewa! :)



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