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It is a pleasure for me to announce that the album "hesja highs 1" has been reprinted!! This would not be possible if not great patrons of aviation and photography AWZ DEWELOPER and SKLEPBEZNAZWY.COM.PL, Thank You Patrons! :)
I invite You everybody to buy my first "Highs" :)


Of course „hesja′s highs 1” album will be available to buy ALSO beyond the Polish border! :)
The album is published in Polish, but pictures are made in international photoaviation language so they are understandable by everyone! :)


hesja′s highs 1 it's my first album and it contains over two hundred unique aviation pictures and more than twenty excerpts of my reports from the aviation events, during which the photos were taken. Everything is beautifully presented! The book is a precious publication, aim of which is to not only to reach aviation enthusiasts, but also to inspire those who haven′t yet woke up the passion. All pictures were made before 2010.

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Foreign sales:
Price - 119 PLN
Shipping (Poland) - 20 PLN
Shipping (Europe) - 80 PLN
Shipping (outside Europe) - 120 PLN

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Thanks in advance for your being interested! :)

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